Links of Interest (Organizations)

Bonsai Clubs International (B.C.I.)

  This organization features many different conventions across the world. Their magazine is also an invaluable resource of whats going on in bonsai.  


 Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies is an organization of local bonsai clubs located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, supporting an annual regional festival.  

Deep Cut Gardens

 Deep Cut Gardens has the only bonsai display in NJ. This collection was donated to the park, and is maintained by our club.  

American Bonsai Society

 Founded in 1967, the American Bonsai Society is the pioneering national bonsai organization. As a non-profit corporation, our purpose is to promote knowledge of, and interest in, bonsai 

Links of Interest (Bonsai Information)


This website displays the work of the UK bonsai artist Harry Harrington. It is an invaluable resource on various topics/techniques relating to bonsai. 

Bonsai Tonight

Johnas Dupuich has been doing bonsai for decades. He has one of the best blogs on bonsai, and updates with new material weekly. 

Peter Tea Bonsai

Although Peter hasn't updated the blog in years, the information on the site is timeless. He posted frequently while working in Japan as a bonsai apprentice.  

Bonsai Nut Forum

This forum has been around for a long time, and is an invaluable resource for information. Many of our club members are on the site.  

Bill Valavanis Bonsai Blog

Bill Valavanis is a legend in Japan and the US. He has been committed to educating the public about bonsai for 50+ years. 

Links of Interest (Bonsai Businesses)

Bonsai Dreams Inc.

A young but growing nursery in Millstone New Jersey with over 2,000 seedlings in the ground.  Select specimen bonsai have been gathered from all around the US. Trees, tools, pots, wire, lava rock and pumice are all available for purchase.  

M5 Bonsai Works

Sergio Cuan is an invaluable resource for bonsai (especially deciduous trees). He also lives in Northern NJ and is slated to do a demo in February of 2019.  


Matt O. is a great source for seedlings and high quality bonsai pottery. He has even displayed trees in the Kokufu-Ten, the biggest bonsai show in Japan.  

Evergreen Gardenworks

Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks has in business a long time. He stocks many different species of seedlings, as well as decades old specimens. 

Kifu Bonsai

A large bonsai nursery in Pennsylvania. Rob Mahler visits and is visited by our club on a regular basis. He focuses on shohin, JWP and azaleas.  

Allshapes Bonsai

One of the few bonsai nurseries locally in NJ. Dave has a variety of seedlings, as well as a variety of trees in all stages of development.  

Natures Way Nursery

Jim Doyle has been in the bonsai nursery business for over 30 years! He has the largest collection of yamadori on the East coast, and hosts artists from around the world to teach at his nursery. 

Intermountain Bonsai

Sam Miller is a quickly rising American bonsai potter from Utah. Not only is he a skilled ceramist, but he also collects and styles yamadori from his native landscape. 

Dallas Bonsai

A good online source of tools, trees, and pottery. 

Mikes Nursery


A local nursery that has some buried treasure.

171 Merrick Road

Farmingdale, NJ 07727

732-938-3216 (Good to call ahead to make sure they are open.)