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We kicked off the New Year with a visit from Rob Mahler from Kifu Bonsai in PA.  

Still to come, Sergio Cuan (A.K.A. Mach5) of North Jersey, and Marc Noelanders of Belgium! 

2019 Events Gallery


2018 has been a stellar 30 year Anniversary! We hosted a club dinner, have taken trips to Rob Mahler at Kifu bonsai, and had Tony Tickle do a demo/workshop all the way from the UK. 

2018 Events Gallery


In 2017 we had a visit from an legendary American artist Boon Manakitivipart. Our local bonsai sensei, Rob Mahler also did a stellar styling on a monster field grown JBP.

2017 Events Gallery

Memories Before 2017

The club has been around for more than thirty years! This page includes photo memories from before 2017. 

Past Memories