You're quite welcomeConnie. Thanks for the article. I have to admit our IT guy bill found and put it on our website. It took a while to get a website till he couldn't wait anymore for me and did it by himself, which I have to thank him for.The website has come in handy for us, letting people know we are around, which we have about 25 people which we generally have 15-18 people show up. We've been around for 25 yrs and still doing good. Glad you don't mind us useing your article, and if you're ever in N.J. look us up.

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From: Connie
Date: Friday, January 9, 2009 12:43 pm
Subject: What is bonsai?

> Thank you so much for having the article that I wrote some time
> back, "What is Bonsai", included in your website.
> I had drifted away from the hobby a few years back and I was
> just getting back into it. I'm getting ready to do an area TV
> program on Bonsai, and had "Googled" information and am finding
> my own information all over again !
> Keep the art alive !!
> Connie Todd Mathes
> Iowa