Deep Cut Bonsai Society

Most meetings are held on the third Thursday of month
at the King of Kings Lutheran Church, Fellowship Hall
250 Harmony Road and Cherry Tree Farm Road
Middletown, NJ 07748



·       We will be participating with Monmouth County Park System in “Bonsai Day” at Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown on Sunday, September 10th, from 12 – 4 PM. There will be demonstrations and displays. Our members will be there to answer questions. Admission and parking are free. Members, please arrive by 11 AM to help set up.


·       Our September meeting will not be held at the church. The meeting will be held on Saturday, the 16th, at 10 AM. The rain date is Sunday, Sept. 17th. Email Steve Koebcke ( for location and details. We will be doing a slab/HPERTUFA workshop.

You have to go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a piece of plywood cut to 2’ x 4’ the width can be 3/8” to ½”. This will be your form and support tray. We’ll cut it into the shape you want.

CONSIDER THIS AN ALL DAY AFFAIR.  We have to work fast with the mix, but the prep work and just being together takes time. Just because your slab is done early doesn’t mean you’ll leave while others are waiting. Stay and have fun with us.


Bonsai Resolutions for 2017 and on:

I will:

• Transplant every bonsai that needs it on time.

• Fertilize on schedule...taking care to use the right amounts at the right times.

• Complete wiring before winter is over.

• Remove wire before damage occurs.

• Spend time trimming each day in the growing season to develop better ramification.

• Study each species throughly to apply the right techniques to the right trees.

• Make sure that the ground landscaping does not block the light from the bonsai.

• Spend a concentrated time each day working on the bonsai...not just for watering.

• Develop some new bonsai.

• Remove trees from the collection that will never develop into good bonsai.

• Share my knowledge with friends.

Shared here with the permission of Pauline Muth.


The Web pages for the items discussed at the meetings are at the bottom of the Links of Intrest page.

Check them out.